Transition To School

The Transition to School

We are really proud of the compliments we receive about how quickly and happily Old School children settle into school and embrace learning. We like to prepare children to become interactive and inquisitive independent learners from the very beginning of their time at Old School Day Nursery.

As your child approaches school age, they will start to take part in Ginger. The Ginger programme sees them working in a small group with a practitioner leading the session, very much as they will soon be engaging with their teacher at school. The sessions are fun and interactive where the children take part in art, poetry and crafts all focused around key topics that will be important when they embark on their school adventures such as sharing, understanding your emotions and being healthy.

The Ginger programme also has two lucky mascots, Ginger and Mopsy, who act as home-links to share preparations and learning with the children and their families at home.

As well as Ginger, we teach the children Math in a fun and engaging way with Mathletes, a maths mastery programme taught through games and play. We also practice first stage letters and sounds through play and exploration, familiarising them with these themes ready for school.

We also link closely with our local schools with the children utilising their libraries and outside space as much as possible within the school timetable to familiarise them with a school setting.

Egg timers



Using our surroundings to capture children's imaginations.


Homemade food

Nutritious, balanced meals prepared by our full-time chef.


Opening Times

Open 7.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday throughout the year.