At Old School Day Nursery, we believe in encouraging sharing and participation by offering a full range of activities. The children often get involved with the creation of healthy meals and snacks as well as having regular access to arts and craft facilities.

The children take part in a range of topics throughout the year designed to teach acceptance and raise inquisition by looking at different countries around the world and different moments in history with a full range of activities set around each topic. They may find themselves as sheriffs in North America, knights of medieval Europe or making discovers in Cold Places. A full range of activities will be set around each topic to appeal to the children’s sense of magic and curiosity.

The children also actively explore with lots of outdoor learning, taking advantage of the local woodland areas, fields and parklands in order to learn lots about nature and the world around us.

As well as this we have a range of professional classes that the children take part in including Sports, Gymnastics, Swimming and Little Muddy Boots Gardening Club, which the children absolutely love!

Boy on scooter



Using our surroundings to capture children's imaginations.


Homemade food

Nutritious, balanced meals prepared by our full-time chef.


Opening Times

Open 7.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday throughout the year.